Episode 7: “America is Mine and Yours Too”

Listen now (25 min) | In this week’s episode of Word.Life Donney is in conversation with poet Sasha Banks about her debut collection “america, MINE”, writing honestly about what America has been to Black people and the injustices that impacted the collection’s writing. I have a confession: I have a bunch of talented friends. I say so not to brag about the circles I keep, but to state a matter of fact. Over the years, I’ve had the great fortune to meet and be in community with some of the dopest poets, emcees, musicians, and visual artists anywhere on the planet. My artist friends are not famous, but they are highly respected in their craft, revered amongst their peers, decorated, and quality humans. The overwhelming majority of them are from the South or have ties to the South as that is where my creative career blossomed, therefore it is where I met most of my creative friends.

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